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            Karley Petracca

Hi, I'm Karley Petracca - I'm a Software Engineer

I have a passion for polished practicality,
and coding is no exception.

My work:



A video app that allows you to enjoy a happy hour with friends and conversation games. Anyone can create a private video room 'bar' featuring password protection and a bar name randomizer. Invite your friends to your bar, and play either 'Would you rather' or 'Never have I ever' for more fun!



This survey app allows for surveys to be quickly deployed and shared with no login necessary, while still providing user convenience. The client site is connected to a backend Surveyor API which handles the survey and response data. The project database schema was built with a full survey site in mind.



If you have ever wanted to know the recipe for making a great drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), this is your site! You can easily search for a drink by name, or search for new and exciting beverages using the explore tab. Signup and login to save your highest rated drinks as favorites.



Site that gives gamers the ability to see what games will be released via user-specified filters. Games tiles can be clicked on to view more information about the game along with news articles, if available. This project is built entirely on frontend with connections to two different APIs.

Py Cat Why!?!


Clicking game where the cat hates you and fruit. The cat is racing around the backyard and gets angrier at each fruit it runs into. Goal is to get the cat into the cat carrier! Features click-movement, an anger meter and moving objects, as well as 10 levels with increasing difficulty.

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I had an amazing career journey for over 6 years in business strategy and data in Atlanta. But over those years I came to understand that it didn't feel like the right fit for me and that there was more to explore. So I took the plunge and followed my passion into software development.

Everyday I challenge myself to learn something new and be a better version of myself through curiousity and personal honesty. With code, there is always something new to learn and something to be humbled about - two things that drive my daily challenge. This is why I love what I do and why every project is exciting.

Living in Atlanta, I love to enjoy the amazing number of hiking trails the state has to offer and especially those in the Appalachians. When I'm not coding or hiking in my free time, I like to grab a bite with friends, practice digital art when the creative bug strikes or play a videogame to relax.

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